Sunshine Evangelistic Association Presents,


Receive information, such as dates available or preliminary questions via e-mail

Firstly, let me congratulate you for undertaking a crusade in your community - you will influence your city for Christ and have a positive impact on your local congregation. When you sponsor a Heaven's Gates crusade you partner with our ministry, working together we can see God do great things in your community.

Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames is a full-length theatrical production about Heaven and Hell. It follows a number of people, in different walks of life who die and must stand before the angel with the book of life. Some go into heaven and some go into hell.

The drama makes use of Broadway style lighting and sound. We travel full-time presenting the drama and preaching Christ to the lost, often going back to churches on a yearly basis. What makes Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames unique is the ground breaking use of host members (local church members) to act out all the scenes in the play. So in essence your church will be the ones under the lights pouring their hearts into evangelism.

It would be difficult (copyright issues aside) to pull this play off without the proper equipment and expertise of a real life director. And this is where we come in. It is the director that pulls everything together, brings the equipment and keeps everything running smoothly, he makes the difficult decisions and "tweaks" everyone to operate at their best level. Any church with a desire to evangelize can put on a Heaven's Gates crusade. The sponsoring church should run at least 100 people, any less and it's hard to find enough cast members. The play goes off great in small rural communities as well as large cities.

Firstly, an agreement is reached between the pastor, board, or evangelism committee and Sunshine Evangelistic Association to present a crusade. Then, the pastor, board, or evangelism committee assigns a local church member the responsibilities of Play Coordinator. The play coordinator is the liaison between the local church and the Sunshine Evangelistic Association (SEA) ministry. This person will select the cast members from the local church(s), schedule practice times, hand out lines and oversee the progress of the cast. Some weeks before the drama you will receive a packet of information, including scripts and instructions that go into greater detail. There is a week by week checklist and promotional material in the packet.

Don't assume the reputation of the drama is enough, it will take a concerted effort from your congregation to guarantee success - promotion begins early! We are not so much interested in "Blessing Christians" as we are sharing the gospel with the unreached, this is after all an evangelistic outreach. While it may be easy to reach the church, reaching the unchurched is still a lot of work. The fact that the event is a touring drama and not a "revival" will make inviting people a bit easier.

There are, of course, financial considerations involved with any ministry - ours is compounded with the high-cost of professional sound and lighting gear and the travel involved. While the cost is substantial it's not staggering, with a little work and planning, funding should not be a problem. Rather then go into detail on a public web-site you may call us at (501) 753-2108 for more information.

If you are a Pastor and are interested in bringing the drama to your church call (501) 753-2108 to request a *free Video Tape. or visit

  • Step One: A telephone inquiry is placed to SEA (501) 753-2108
  • Step Two: Using the information you received you approach your pastor, board or committee.
  • Step Three: You get approval from Pastor, board or committee.
  • Step Four: A date is set by calling our ministry. A deposit is sent. (amount to be specified via phone or mail) and a play coordinator is chosen.
  • Step Five: A packet is sent out, and the play coordinator reads and begins planning. The play coordinator uses the telephone or e-mail to keep in touch with the SEA director and asks for advice with the inevitable snags.
  • Step Six: We have our first meeting.
  1. We meet Friday 7:00 PM the week of the drama. By this time all the cast members know their parts and are ready to start putting things together.
  2. We meet Saturday at 10:00 AM and spend the day practicing, we should be done by 5:00 PM.
  3. We meet Sunday afternoon at 3:00 PM and stay through to service. We present the play Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights.
  4. We meet Monday and Tuesday at 6:15